Here are the 5 things you should know before booking driving lessons in Croydon.



It’s a good idea to plan in plenty of time when you’re thinking of taking driving lessons in Croydon, London or anywhere else in the United Kingdom.


Organising yourself is an essential part of the driving process and there are a numerous amount of tasks that you may need to complete before booking your driving lessons by either calling us or booking online.


The very first thing you should think about prior to booking your driving lessons in Croydon is whether you have the right budget and if you can fund paying your driving instructor once or twice per week.


The average person will save up for months before booking driving lessons, which may be something that you may need to think about prior to starting.


Some pupils are fortunate and their driving lessons are funded by the bank of Mum & Dad as a birthday or Christmas present.

Some will fund driving lessons in Croydon through their wages which they have budgeted for.

Whilst others either pay for their lessons by using their credit card or may even take out a loan with their banks.

However, we at Drive Savvy strongly recommend against this as much as possible because no debt is good debt especially if you come into financial difficulties.

Do I Need A Provisional Driving Licence Before Taking driving lessons in Croydon?

Another thing you should know is before booking your driving lessons in London is to get a provisional driving licence as you cannot begin to learn how to drive.

Your driving instructor will ask to see your provisional licence before taking your first lesson.

If you do not have a valid provisional driving license you will not legally be allowed drive on the roads.

It’s actually very easy to apply for a provisional licence, simply go to {] for more details.


The next step when it comes to booking driving lessons in Croydon is looking around for the right driving school.


There are numerous ways to find local driving lessons in Croydon

The number one option to simply search in Google “driving lessons in Croydon” or where ever you are situated.

The majority of croydon driving schools in London and the UK will have a website. Often jammed pack with useful hints and tips on learning to drive.


Another way of finding the right driving school is to look in the directory pages such as Yell or the Thomspon local

This, of course, would involve you calling them for further details, prices, whether they offer a manual or automatic driving school car.

Bear in mind this may not be as informative as using the internet but never the less it is still very useful.


Once you have found the right driving school check out their qualifications and pass rate

It is vitally important to find out if you will get a good service and whether the driving school and driving instructor are any good.


You can do this by reading reviews and testimonials that pupils that have passed the driving test have left about the school or instructor that you are considering to book with.

This is a great insight into how any business or company runs because it’s pupils or customers has had the first-hand experience with that business or driving school.


The final step to booking driving lessons once you have located the right driving school is to get on with your driving lessons!


Start revising for the {theory test} as soon as you can as this will certainly help you both on the roads and will speed up your learning process.

Try and get your theory test out or the way as soon as possible so it doesn’t hinder and hold you back when booking your practical driving test as you need to have passed your theory before booking your practical.


Drive Savvy offer comprehensive driving lessons in croydon with our network of fully qualified driving instructors living in and around Croydon.

Our Driving Instructors in Croydon have many years of experience and are eager to assist you in passing your driving test and getting you safely on the roads.

The Driving Lessons Croydon we provide are specifically planned out to meet pupils needs so you don’t get second rate driving tuition.


To book your driving lessons call now on 020 3984 9112 and talk to one of our friendly receptionists toady

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