Learning to drive is rewarding and liberating. Once you have learnt to drive you will have more control over your life than ever before as it will enable you to go wherever you want whenever you want. With the driving lessons, Croydon and surrounding areas can benefit from, you have an 86% likelihood of passing your test first time, twice the national average. It always pays to be prepared, so before embarking on driving lessons, be aware of how the tests take shape.

Two Tests

Learning to drive is broken down into two parts: the theory test and the practical test. In order to drive you must pass both as they give you complete awareness of what a road user needs to know.

Theory Test

The theory test is always completed before the practical test. It is conducted in various test centres around the country.

The theory test is broken down into two sections, multiple-choice and hazard perception. The multiple-choice part will test your knowledge of road etiquette. From road signs to speed limits, you will be expected to know how to drive in any given scenario. Some questions may require more than one answer, so it is vital that you read the questions closely. One part of the test is a case study comprised of five questions. The case study is a story which details a certain situation you may come across while driving. 50 marks are available in the multiple-choice section and you need to get at least 43 within the time limit to pass.

The hazard perception section is made up of 14 video clips containing a total of 15 hazards. By clicking the mouse in response to the video when you see a hazard developing you will be awarded marks. Timing is crucial in this section as the earlier you click, the higher mark you will get. However, clicking too early or too frequently will not count. Clicking constantly through the duration of the videos will result in a score of zero.

Practical Test

The practical test is an opportunity to display your understanding of driving to an examiner. Should you drive confidently and consistently, showcasing an awareness of the highway code, you will pass.

Lasting roughly 40 minutes, you will have to follow a series of instructions and directions as well as completing an independent driving task. This task involves following a set route, but if you stray off the route you will not fail unless you make a fault. You will also be asked to complete an emergency stop or reverse manoeuvre which the driving lessons Croydon will have prepared you for. These include parallel parking also known as the reverse park, pull over to the right, plus the forward and reverse bay parking. You may also be asked to do the emergency stop.

Upon returning to the test centre you will be given your results and details of any faults you may have incurred.

Now that you know how the tests take shape, the driving lessons Croydon provide can make driving achievable and cost-effective.

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