Being able to drive may be a must for you. The freedom of having a car provides you with can make a huge difference to your whole life. For instance, it can mean you’re able to search for jobs further afield – and let’s face it, given the competitive employment market, this could prove vital. Also, it can mean you’re able to visit friends more easily, get out to more shops and attractions and so on.

However, you might be concerned about the cost of motoring. Firstly, there are your driving lessons in Croydon to pay for. Then, once you’ve passed your test, you might need to invest in your own vehicle, unless you can use your partner’s or a family member. After this, there’s insurance and petrol to cover.

Raining days adding to driving costs

One thing’s for sure, the summer so far has largely been a washout. Torrential rain has battered many parts of the country, causing damage and flooding in some areas. Meanwhile, a study conducted by Santander has suggested that conditions like this can hit drivers in their pockets. It claimed that every day of rain adds around £25 million to the cumulative cost of driving for UK road users, the Hemel Gazette reports.

It revealed that so-called ‘seasonal drivers’, who use their vehicles to drive to and from work when the weather is unpleasant but walk or cycle otherwise, spend an average of £9 per day to cover petrol, parking and congestion charges.

Increasing pressure

Responding to the findings, Adam Mussert of Santander Cards said: “As the price of fuel continues to rise, motorists are finding themselves under increased pressure to cover the cost of driving.

“Seasonal motorists find themselves in the fortunate position of being able to choose whether or not to drive, but actually our research shows that for almost a third of all people who drive to work the car is essential, not optional.”

Take action

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can reduce the cost of driving. For example, when you look for vehicles, try to choose ones that are fuel-efficient. Also, shopping around for car insurance is worthwhile. Meanwhile, when you need driving lessons in Mitcham, driving lessons in Sutton and so on, you might benefit from coming here to us at Direct Drive.

We aim to help you pass your practical test in the shortest possible time without draining your finances. Therefore, we’re up to 15 per cent cheaper than our major competitors. So confident are we in the value of our lessons that if you find a national driving school with cheaper rates than ours, we’ll offer you a price match.

Our ethos

To help ensure you’re relaxed during your lessons with us, we will teach you in a comfortable atmosphere and all our instructors are friendly and patient. This is important because if you’re on edge during your lessons, you’ll struggle to concentrate.

To find out more about our lessons, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.

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