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If you are interested in finding high quality driving courses in Hazelwood you should speak to the professionals today about booking your driving lessons in Hazelwood. We can save you money and enhance your driving abilities.

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Years of Experience in Successfully Teaching Others To Drive

Drive Savvy driving teachers aim is to give you excellent top notch, cost-effective theory and practical driving tuition which will let you learn how to drive within a couple of months or weeks if you take a crash course.


Our driving instructors are fully qualified and are tested and registered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). UK law requires Approved Driving Instructors to be qualified before they could charge for their services. Each and every Approved Driving Instructor will have a green registration badge prominently displayed in their own vehicles windscreen.

24/7 Availability

Depending on your driving instructor and their where they’re based you may take driving classes from 7 am — 10 pm, 7days a week. Our office is open between the hours 8am- 8pm Monday to Saturday.

Fair Prices

If you have put off thoughts of studying to drive because of cost stresses, or worried about being conned, fear not. We can accommodate any budget, and our rates are just and reasonable. We don’t promote the fact that we have the lowest priced driving lesson prices in London since you can probably find cheaper at the classified advertisements. Instead, our claim to fame is that you’re more likely to past together with our instructors.


Our driving school supplies a wide range of services from complete beginner driving courses to refresher driving classes. In addition, we offer one to one theory test tuition, brief notice driving tests, motorway tuition and much much more.

Pideatric Work


Manual vehicles are a lot more economical, cheaper to maintain and will give the driver a greater sense of control. Get on the street immediately and book an assessment driving lesson.


The easier and quicker way to get on the road. Forget about stalling, shifting gears of finding the biting point. Just press the the excelerator and away you go.


In a Rush?Get your licence within 7-30 days together with our residential intensive driving courses.

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Why Choose Us

The most crucial choice you can make during the course of learning to drive selecting the appropriate driving instructor is one of the most important decisions you can make.



Honest and Dependable. Our word is our guarantee.

Readily availableDay or evening we are always right here for you.

Why US?

  • A RangeOf Vehicles To Learn In

    Our instructors drive a number of vehicles. Unfortunately you will not be able to choose the type of vehicle but you canselectwhether you want to drivea Manual or Automatic

  • Driving Lessons

    Book hourly driving lessons, 2 hr lessons, daily or weekly or the more lessons you have, the higher your chances of passing 1st time.

  • How Can I Pay

    You can pay by card, cash, or bank transfer.

More Information About Hazelwood

Find A Professional Driving Instructor In Hazelwood

Do you need driving a driving instructorin Hazelwood?

Are you thinking of contacting a driving instructor in Hazelwood?

Before you make that call, STOP &; Look no farther than Drive Savvy.

We have a number of reputable driving instructors who live and work in Hazelwood and the surronding areas.

You’re probably thinking why you should choose us among the many driving schools in London. Well, here is the reason you should always think about our driving school first.Our professional instructors teach in both automatic and manual carsWhether you want to know how to drive just a manual car or you prefer an automatic, then we’ve got you covered.

We have teachers for manual driving and the ones for automatic cars. And if you prefer to learn both, it’s no issue for us. Unfortunately, many driving schools in London focus on only automatic cars but we are different. Our courses can be intensive or you can take your time.We don’t just rush into the practical aspects of driving, so we’ll get you well grounded in the theories so that you can easily pass .

Find a Driving School In Hazelwood Who You Can Trust

Our driving lessons are not just about being able to move a vehicle, but we’ll also teach you about the importance of obeying traffic regulations. That is why our past students do not drive when they are drunk and they are never impatient enough to violate traffic regulations and rules. Many individuals can really drive but can’t obtain a driver’s license because they could not pass their driving test. We will lay emphasis on your theory test as that is where a great deal of applicants neglect.We take block bookingsif you’re an employer, you may want to get numerous employees trained at the same time.

That is no problem for us since we have enough teachers that could handle block reservations. If you are a parent that needs your teenage children to learn some driving ability, you can contact us. We will be pleased to help train your kids. We have an extremely large network of teachers.We also provide refresher coursesHas it been quite a while since you last drove a vehicle? You may actually need refresher classes on driving. This is only one of our solutions. Our instructors also give refresher classes for people who have to upgrade their driving skills.Our instructors are certified and fully qualifiedit’s a standard that all our teachers are certified by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Thus, you’re in safe hands. Any we assign to you is as good as the others. It’s one thing to get particular expertise, but it’s another to have the ability to impart the knowledge. Our instructors are extremely patient and they’re highly professional.

We Have Awesome Driving Instructors In Hazelwood

You will enjoy your driving course.Our teachers are always accessible when booked in advance.We understand that you may have a tight daily routine and that is why our teachers are available for driving lessons from 7 am to 10 pm seven days a week. Thus, we’re extremely flexible. Just pick the time and times which are most suitable and convenient for you. Unlike most other driving schools, we do not force our students to bend their schedule. Instead, we’ll work with their chosen days and time. When for any reason, you would like to see us, we are open from 8 am to 8 pm from Mondays through Saturdays. Our rates are fair We offer reasonable charges.

While we may not offer the best deals, we can guarantee you that using us will give you three times more opportunities to pass your driving test. We think that it is much better to pay a fair quantity and pass your exam once than to pay very low prices and fail your driving tests multiple times. We make sure that you get very good value for every penny you pay.

Do you only do Driving Lessons in Hazelwood

We cover the whole of London. We have comparatively wider coverage than many others so regardless of where you reside in London, we will assign an instructor which operates close to you. We know that having a nearby instructor will makeusing your driving lesson very convenient for you. If for some reasons, you relocate to another area of London while you are still taking your driving course, we ought to have the ability to reassign a new instructor to you based on your new site.We back up our services with quality client service. We realize that the least expensive and most effective method of advertisement is via favorable recommendations from happy and satisfied customers.That’s why we always strive hard to satisfy our pupils. For more information or to reserve our services, contact us today.

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