Triple Pass Promise

The Triple Pass Promise Guarantee


We offer 3 levels of pricing for driving lessons. The Triple Pass Promise Guarantee and regular Pay As You Go lessons.

The Triple Pass Promise Guarantee

To the best our knowledge the only other driving school in London that offers you a Triple Guarantee is our parent company Direct Drive Driving School Croydon.

The Triple Pass Promise Guarantee is tailored to suit the needs of people who want to learn with a great driving school without risking their money, It will give you the best chance of passing first time if you are committed to taking 4 hours of lessons per week.

Just take a look at the benefits you can enjoy today…

Money-Back Guarantee

We already know we have a network to the best driving instructors in London but it’s one thing to say it and another thing to prove it, so if you do not like the service you can have your money back…Sounds great – right?

Pass Promise

If you follow our structured lesson plans, download our app, complete assigned homework and do not pass the first time, we will pay for your next driving test.

2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

After you have passed your driving test, if you ever need us, you can have access to free refresher lessons within 2 years!

Why are we doing this?

Because we want you to be the safest driver you can possibly be. Unlike most other driving schools in London, you’re not abandoned once you pass your driving test.

Drive Savvy is an established driving school advertising network with great driving instructors who deliver incredible bespoke lessons that you will really enjoy. Our reviews and testimonials are proof of this.

There are many cheap driving schools in London, and if you prefer a cheap driving lessons instead of a great lesson and a greater chance to pass your driving test 1st time then that is your choice, but if you want a top-level service Drive Savvy has everything you need.

If you go to McDonald’s and the food is cold, you take it back, right?
If you go to a shop to buy some jeans and they rip, you take them back, right?
So why don’t driving schools, guarantee their lessons?  Well, we do.

Every pupil would love to pass their driving test first time. It’s a great goal to aim for but the pupil must also have confidence in their instructor and the driving school. You don’t want to hear false promises – do you?

And once you have passed your driving test lots of things can happen.
You may want a little reassurance on roundabouts, or perhaps you want us to sit next to you when you drive your own car for the first time. Whatever the reason we are available to give you continued support.

The prices for this exclusive offer are:
£32 per hour
£300 for 10 hours

Pay As You Go Driving Lessons

A Great Way To Learn.

You can also have access to our network highly qualified driving instructors on a Pay As You Go basis. These lessons do not include our Triple Pass Promise Guarantee and may be limited to a minimum of two hours per week depending on your assigned driving instructor availability, which you can check here.

Prices for Pay As You lessons:
£26 per hour.
£250 for 10 hours.

Our  Intensive Courses can greatly increase your chances of passing the first time.






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